A thousand-year old archaeological mystery revealed in Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Quoits, which have been mentioned among the population of Zenicani; citizens of Zenica, the fourth largest city located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, finally got discovered. What is so special about them? Well, there were stories going around that in the Klopačka rocks, also a hill located almost in the center of the same town, that these thousands of years old quoits were the most valuable archaeological remaining of the town Zenica.

Not many archaeological enthusiasts were interested in further investigation, scince they believed Zeneca is one of the newest cities, and by newest, I mean, there was no track of older civilizations living in the area Zenica is located.


They turned out to be wrong. On the night were the investigation took place. On the 28.09.2018., to be more precise, a remarkable archaeological discovery was discovered. The stories about their quoits were always told, but not many citizens knew how to guide the real investigators to the places they eyewitnesses the quoits. The Klopačka rocks are not the only place they saw these. There is another hill, very close to the city, with no name in particular, because it’s just another of many rocks, but located near the Klopče village, all very close to the town. Not to forget, Zenica is officially considered to be a city only from the year of 2014.

Let’s talk more about the findings of the actual quoits. Big, metal rings, who served to bind a ship around it, were always there to be recognized by the human eye, but never further investigated. Why is that so? Some of them seemed like it was a mother- nature’s creation; many of people assumed it was just a case of a really strange rock, shaped by waters of the legendary Panonsko sea; now just a lake. Before thousands of years, the whole are of Zenica was under water. Today, Zenica is a small urban city. But, what happened? Well, because of the climate changes, etc. the water of the sea disappeared and the urban are is left with only the main river Bosnia, by the same after-named country Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city remained, with a natural park in the center of the town, a sight worth seeing.


When no archaeological team was there to climb up these inaccessible areas, the people of Zenica always told tales about the great boats being left around here, when the whole area was under water.

I remember I was 7 years old, when my grandmother told me a story about the area of Zenica being a huge harbor, and the tears of joy I felt when I knew something no one else didn’t. But, when I told the story in the middle of history- class, all I could get were really strange looks from my peers. Now, years and years later, I am a story publisher of the confirmed story that this was indeed a harbor thousands of years ago.

Let’s talk more in numbers, science we are writing history, right? So, the Panonsko Sea, according to some calculations was around Zenica before 30 million years. Only 600.000 years ago, the sea vanished, and left a nice spot for living. The same hills and rocks mentioned before were unreachable and very risky to climb; but you could really see that the top of these rocks were in fact corals.

In the year 2018. with the use of the newest technology, for investigating the field from satellites, using LIDARs two quoits and a petrified ship in the Bosnia river bed was discovered. A sample of the ship was taken, and the investigators discovered a 15 centimeters thick wall, covered in prehistoric fauna. The fossil of the ship is almost 100% CaCO3.

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