Adorable African fox that lives in Moscow is the pet that everyone wants

Hans (CC0), Pixabay

Fennec is a large eared miniature fox that originates in Sahara, Northern Africa. It’s rarely seen in the wilds, it’s even more rare to have it as a pet but there is this one little fennec that was discovered in an apartment in Moscow. It’s a real big deal these days to have an Instagram account for your pet, so fennec also has one and it’s getting really popular. In fact life of this little Russian-African mini-fox was so popular it became a viral news over the internet. If you wonder how this little fella is called, it’s name is Kuzma and he likes to make poses, sitting in hands of their master, eats everything and barks just like your dog.

See the life of Kuzma:

#ЛисКузьма #Fox_Kuzma

A photo posted by ❤️❤️Лис Кузьма✨ (@fox_kuzma) on

Нажми на нос два раза Click on nose two times ?☀️?✨??

A photo posted by ❤️❤️Лис Кузьма✨ (@fox_kuzma) on

Kuzma looks happy!

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