4 hiking trails for every (brave) Slovakia visitor

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Planning your trip to Slovakia? Forget about lazing around cheap pubs and chasing pretty Slovak girls (at least for this time). This small country has so much more to offer. Did you know that its mountains are fifth highest among all Slavic states? Why not trying some of its breathtakingly beautiful hiking trails that will make you see Slovakia from new perspective? Following tips should give you basic idea of your hiking possibilities in Slovakia. And no excuses, as we thought of you whether you find yourself in the western, eastern, northern or middle parts of the country during your trip!

Ďumbier Peak

This beautiful trail will lead you all the way up to the highest peak of Low Tatras. Prepare for gorgeous 360° views of surrounding peaks and valleys – if the weather ´s good you can even see the country´s highest mountains High Tatras on the horizon. Just beware that this experience won´t come for free. You must deserve it by 3 hours of continuous mount on the steep slope. You´ll be thankful for the cozy mountain chalet (Chata M.R.Štefánika) in the middle of your journey. It serves great food and drinks that will help you wipe away your sweat´n´tears and finish what you´ve started!

Hornád canyon

Fancy wild rivers and adrenaline? Not afraid of slippery ladders, rough chains and see-through stairs? If you happen to be in the Eastern Slovakia, you should definitely consider visiting national park Slovenský raj –especially the famous canyon of river Hornád. To get the most out of it, you should undertake the complete trail between Podlesok and Čingov. You are going to witness dramatic gorges, mysterious cave entrances, tranquil resting spots and stunning viewpoints. The whole trail (with handy return shortcut) is approximately 20 kilometers long. Non-slippery boots, courage and camera with full battery are musts.

Devínska kobyla massive

If you thought your hiking chances are dead because you spend your Slovak trip in the capital – think again. Bratislava is surrounded by picturesque mountains Malé Karpaty and you can take advantage of plenty of its hiking possibilities. One of the most rewarding is crossing the Devínska kobyla massive. You can start your journey in the suburb of Karlova Ves (short tram ride away from the old town) and then walk through the beautiful forest to the Devín village. Here you can admire majestic ruins of Devín castle standing tall above the confluence of rivers Morava and Danube. Or continue further to the Sandberg locality, which is famous for paleontological excavations.

Cold valleys of High Tatras

Every nature-loving visitor of Slovakia should save some time to see them – High Tatras are the highest mountains in the country and they can fulfill every hiking desire. If you dare to try one of its most favorite (and demanding) trails, consider crossing from Malá studená dolina (Small cold valley) to Veľká studená dolina (Big cold valley). You can start by taking the comfortable cog railway from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok and than continue up through the forests, knee timbers and – finally- rough rocks. You can take rest at three mountain chalets on this journey (Zamkovského, Téryho, Zbojnícka). Don´t forget to dress precautiously, as it can get, obviously, pretty cold in the cold valleys even in the peak of summer. If you find this 8,5 hours long adventure too much, you can take just one of its “legs” and still have lots of hiking fun!

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