Ajvar trouble: Serb in Canada ended up in jail because of roasting peppers

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Aleksic, who has been living in Canada for years has ended up in a Canadian court because of roasted peppers. Although he has been living in Canada for years, he never gave up on baking of the parquet and the preparing winter food in the old fashioned way.

The Canadians love the ajvar, every year he gave Ajvar to his Canadian friends as a gift, and when guests come to them, they are looking for an ajvar keg, both in winter and in summer. The proceedings against his wife Anica and him are still ongoing, and these days he expects the court outbreak of the events.

“We have been baking peppers for years and preparing an ajvar in our yard.P And not only the ajvar but the others sour, and so far nobody had any objections. I live in Canada since 1989 and I know all their regulations well. That’s why I did not light fire in the open air, but in the barrel, so I put a barbecue wire on the barrel.

However, obviously it has bothered someone, I presume that the neighbor snitched me, so firefighters came to us in the yard, and then the lawsuit arrived a few days later” – explains Goran Aleksic

So the point is, you might do some things in a Balkan fashioned way only in Balkans. No public lamb roasting, pig slaughtering or even pepper roasting in the western world, bumers! Their loss!

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