Balkans in shock: Bulgarians discover archaeological remains of the oldest Rakija baking cauldron

Oldest Rakija came out of Bulgaria, Serbia in complete shock

JamesDeMers (CC0), Pixabay
Archaeological discoveries from Ivailovgrad in Bulgaria just shook the Balkans and especially Serbia, as their media writes: if we continue to drink brandy, there is a real danger of turning into Bulgarians they wrote. What to think now of the favorite Balkan drink when Bulgarian specialists from the National Museum of History headed by Philip Petrutov discovered in the fortress of Lyutza over Ivailovgrad a piece of old cauldron, which they believe was used to boil brandy? To make things even worse, the newspaper continues, the piece of the kettle is from the 11th century and it is not the first one to date reports

We do not know how to let you know, Telegraph writes, but a third piece of cauldron was found in Drustar Fortress over Silistra. Generations of Serbs grow, learning from their parents two very simple things, even before they learn to read and write. First, they learn Rakija is a Serbian national drink. Secondly, brandy, along with other spirits, began to be produced only in the 16th century when the distillation technology began to spread throughout Europe.

Remember how your father is sitting on the bed beside you before you fall asleep, stroking your head and repeating: Sixteenth, Sixteenth, Sixteenth, Sixteenth, Sixteenth Centuries. Peter, do not forget, the sixteenth century. Sixteenth Century “.  But now Bulgarian archaeologists have destroyed everything, writes Telegraph.

Belgrade citizens are not very optimistic.

“I’m not sure what to think. Throughout life they teach that Rakija is ours and now this. I am afraid that the Bulgarian discoveries are convincing. Perhaps we will have to settle for drinking a Bulgarian drink, ” says a confused young man writes Telegraph

An middle-aged lady, who was returning from a late birthday, says that at the celebration no one wanted to drink brandy.

“No one wanted to risk, only beer and vodka as drinks, because the Russians are Serbs. Do you know, that’s no joke until we know what’s going on, rakija is off limit”

Here is a moral problem, I think what happens if we continue to drink brandy and become Bulgarians, God keep, “the woman said, crossing herself. A man who sat on a bench in the Student Park and was drinking cognac on a cartridge said he had no such moral dilemmas. “I am a 100% Serb, in my blood there is not a drop of this Bulgarian alcohol. You actually see what I drink” said the man

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