Belarus – The Eastern European Las Vegas And A Paradise For Gamblers

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If you are not familiar with the locals, did not visit the country yourself, and just decided to look it up online, then Belarus will seem a gray, strict country with a feeling of traveling into the past – a conservative and stern Soviet Union. In fact, this is wrong – they know how to have fun in this country. Belarus may surprise you not only with an excess of potatoes in the diet, a population that was millionaires and an irreplaceable president, who is also called the Father. Here you can try things, not only suitable for a stereotypical image of the country, but also prohibited in many countries of both the Slavic world and whole world in general.

If you are gambling and love casinos, why would you go to Las Vegas, if you can go to Belarus and spend the best time, maybe even win some coin.The gambling business in Belarus is well developed: slot machines in Minsk are popular, as well as poker and other games outside the capital. The largest number of casinos in Belarus is concentrated in the capital of the republic – in Minsk. The city has about 30 such gambling establishments. In addition, there are six casinos in Brest, five – in Gomel and three each in Grodno and in Mogilyov.

“Belaya Vezha”(White tower)


Belaya Vezha is one of the oldest casinos in Belarus. You are greeted by a pleasant interior, decorated in a classic style. On two levels of the casino there are 77 slot machines and 13 gaming tables, where you can play all sorts of card games. Poker in Minsk is very popular: the minimum bet for the game is 5 USD, the maximum is 2000 USD, for the roulette the minimum bet is 0.5 USD, the maximum is 500 USD

“Shangri La”


One of the best casinos in Minsk is “Shangri La”, which is located in the heart of the capital. First of all, “Shangri La” casino is a high-quality leisure for the client, pleasant attendants, a restaurant with excellent cuisine. The casino is small but very cozy: a soft, relaxing atmosphere, immediately relieves tension. In this club, there are privileges for VIP-clients, you can also retire in rooms for a private game, in which nothing distracts from the process.

The best slot machines in Minsk are represented in the Shangri La casino. In the slot hall of the casino there are 32 newest modern devices with a lot of gambling. Payment of the game is carried out in cash directly to the gaming machine. But for the convenience of the client and to simplify the process of switching to another slot machine, you can not use cash, but play with specialized online cards. Shangri La Casino is a paradise for gambling lovers in Minsk.

Opera Casino


One of the best casinos in Minsk is the Opera casino. The elite casino of the capital boasts the presence of the largest screen for viewing entertainment and sporting events, which is important for fans of sports broadcasts; as well as its convenient location in the hotel “Pekin”(russian for Beijin) and a large concert venue equipped with professional sound and light. Every month in the Opera Casino a club party takes place, which is called “The Moment of Luck”, as well as various shows with the participation of stars of Russian and domestic show business.

Opera Casino has several halls which are called: Bolshoj, Grand, Chaliapine, Imperial, Prive. The casino features popular poker variations – Russian, Texas, Oasis, Omaha, Ultimate Texas. You can play roulette, blackjack, punto banco or relax near modern slot machines. The whole floor is reserved for the restaurant LOUIS XIII, which will pamper its guests with royal cuisine, as well as specialties from the chef Anton Zverkov.

Casino “Maxwell club”


Maxwell club is located in Brest, on Masherov Avenue 15/1. The casino is designed in Italian style and provides its visitors with the opportunity to play Russian or Texas poker, blackjack, slot machines and American roulette.

Casino “Metelytsa”(Blizzard) in Brest


Also in Brest you can visit the well-known casino of Belarus “Metelitsa”, which is located on Moskovsky Prospect, 206. Casino is one of the best gaming machines in Belarus with a lot of games, poker tables, a good bar, an evening show program.

Casino “Europe”


The largest casino in Gomel is the casino “Europe”, which is located on Lenin Street in the eponymous cultural and entertainment complex. The casino impresses with its design and luxury, modern equipment for gambling and staff speaking foreign languages.

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