5 Moscow Metro Themed Trains You’d Just Love To Take A Ride In!

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The Moscow metro is worldwide famous and loved for its incredible, breathtaking architecture that manifests itself in both classic and modern styles of its stations, decorated with diverse modelings, mosaics and statues. However, the architecture is not the only surprise and delight for the eyes of Muscovites and tourists of the Russian Federation’s capital: the Moscow metro’s hospitality is shown by its trains as well! Here are ten most fascinating trains of the Moscow underground!

Retrotrain “Sokol’niki”

The retrotrain “Sokol’niki” [Сокольники – Rus.] was built in occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Moscow metro in 2010. The train was introduced as an accurate copy of the first Moscow metro trains, still the modern version has some differences with its predecessor. The seats here are soft and remind rather of couches, which makes any trip much more pleasant and comfortable. Neat classical lamps filling the train with warm soft light also contribute greatly to the coziness of the train. What is curios, the train is not provided, purposely, with Wi-Fi unlike the rest of the vehicles.

“Water-colours” train

The Water-colours train was produced on the initiative of Sergey Andriyaka, a Soviet and Russian artist and teacher. The new train was launched on the 1st of June, 2007, and the theme of the very first moving exhibition was Andriyaka’s works. The outside of the train is covered with a colourful film with flowers, fruit, rivers, and trees.

The principal particularity of this train in comparison with the others is that there are no seats and windows on the one side of it, and pictures with lighted frames are situated there.

“Space” train

The launch of the space-themed train marked the 55th anniversary of the first manned space flight, that took place on the 16th of April, 1961, that was completed by the legendary Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. The external side of the train depicts starry sky, planets and spacecrafts, while inside the train passenger can find an exposition dedicated to the history of development and the achievements of the Soviet and Russian cosmonautics.

The first and the last carriages tell about the preparations for the Yuri Gagarin’s space flight. Information about the prominent Soviet scientist Segey Korolev is to be discovered in the second carriage. The third one deals with the famous constructors who went down in the history of the Soviet cosmonautics. The forth carriage demonstrates pictures of satellites, the fifth – of the Soviet achievements in the field. The Solar System exploration programme is the theme of the sixth carriage, and the seventh one allows its passengers to give a look at diverse Russian cosmodromes.

The New Year Train

The New Year train is launched annually and runs from the end of a passing December till the middle of a coming January. The carriages of the train are decorated with artificial Christmas tree bunches, snowflakes, and garlands. Closer to Christmas Eve, one more carriage is added to the train, that is dedicated to the principal Christian holiday.

“Green metro” Train 

The greenest and most eco-friendly train celebrated the Year of ecology in Russia, 2015. The carriages depicts the main native zones of Russia: the Arctic and tundra, taiga and steppes, forests and mountains, islands, lakes, deserts. Pictures of the animals and the landscapes are used to demonstrate these native zones, and each of the five carriages represents two climactic zones.

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