Black Hop – Russian Band ‘Uratsakidogi’ Invented a New Slavic Music Genre

First people to successfully ‘Black-metalize’ hip-hop

Photo: Uratsakidogi / Youtube

Uratsakidogi or URATSAKIDOGI (Russian- Uratsakidogy ) is a Russian rock band based in Moscow and there awesome music is a mixture of several genres. Such as alternative rock, hardcore, grindcore, death metal, hard rock, punk, folk, avant-garde, noise, hip-hop, jazz and industrial, although the musicians characterize their genres as “Pazor metal “and” Absurd rock “. What they did, unexpectedly, is a creation of a new music genre, Black-Hop.

The name for the group was the distorted name of the Japanese hentai-series UROTSUKIDOJI, containing a large number of scenes of sex and violence. At first young people actively experimented with grind core, but soon the stylistic boundaries expanded. The active introduction of industrial and hip hop elements began.

Uratsakidogi – Black Hop на Районе

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Initially URATSAKIDOGI was not a serious project. Records were made at home studio and they often involved friends and acquaintances. The studio was called GENITAL STUDIO.

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