Russian Man Gets Drunk and Falls From 9th Floor, Forgets He Fell and Continues To Drink

When you are so hardcore that you drink, fall, forget, repeat

kostanayneversleeps (CC0), Pixabay

Have you ever got so hammered that you couldn’t walk or remember what happened the night before? We will guess you did at least once, but we bet you haven’t got so drunk to forget about falling from jaw-dropping 9th floor. Yes this really happened in Moscow few days ago, the drunk man enjoyed a cigarette on the window and managed to slip down and fall of his ninth floor apartment.

He managed to hit the nice rocky-hard concrete below his building, but instead of meeting the Slavic God Perun in Slavhalla he became a Christmas time miracle. He got back up on his feet, peeled himself from the junk, called the police and slowly got back to his apartment.

Some of the comments from shocked readers: 

I think I would stop drinking at that point ~ Fred Rodway

No one can beat russians!!! ~ Nikolaj Chomenko

Vodka gives you wings, no red bull ~ Gabrian Dorin Si Maria

When the officers eventually turned up on his doorstep, he had completely forgotten what happened reports RBTH. Nevertheless, medics took the half-cut man to hospital as a precaution. Perhaps the old saying “smoking kills” isn’t true after all.

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