Bosnian man builds his own house on a building in Zenica, neighbors in shock

Slavic science really does exist, another proof:

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In Bosnia and Herzegovina, one can do what and how they want, the best example is this brand new case from Zenica, where a Zenica man on the roof of a residential building made his own house! This unforgettable sight in the Zali settlement Jalija, for years it attracts the attention of passers-by, but also the anger of the tenants of the building. From the terrace on the roof, a Zenican man decided to make an object that resembles a house, without the consent of the competent services.

The photograph of this unusual building has recently been set up on social networks, where it became a hit and caused numerous, mostly negative comments. Semira Karic from the Urban Planning Department, Property, Legal, Geodetic Affairs and Real Estate Cadastre of the City of Zenica stated that the citizen Safet Agovic asked them for building approval, but did not receive it.

“In connection with the construction of a house on the building, this service did not issue a permit, even twice it was given a refusal. Information i have says the Inspection Service has issued a resolution on the demolition, but to date it has not been realized,” Karic explained to Avaz

The exasperated tenants of this building say that Agovic did not receive any approval from the tenants, and that this construction is not the only job that, as the tenants say, worked on his own.

“Whoever allowed that, remains a long-standing question: nobody asked us anything. He did what he wanted.” He added: “Apart from building an object on the building, he diluted the heating as he wanted and more,” says one of the tenants of the building.

As Avaz writes, they wanted to get an explanation from Agovic, but there was no one in the apartment.

Sabira Helvida, assistant mayor for ecology, communal and inspection affairs, could not give an explanation as to why she had never made a decision to demolish this facility.

The collapse of the city

Except that in Zenica, but also in BiH, everything can be built on a building, this is not a single example of the collapse of the city’s appearance. Thus in Zenica, citizens massively, on their own, close balconies, and there are buildings with a facade in as many as four colors.

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