Bosnian Pyramids – Archaeology Spinning Your Brains Out

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Every time you hear the word: „Pyramid“, it associates you to the ancient Egypt, probably Nefertiti and Cleopatra… but would it ever on earth remind you of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Yes, you heard it! The newest conspiracy- theory, that in a village near Sarajevo, called „Visoko“, may have had a pyramid underneath all of the rocks and stones.

When Osmanagich, one of the most popular Bosnian Archaeologist saw the shape of the mountain called „Visoko“, he just couldn’t resist but to ought to say it is an Pyramid. He began his research and it turned out he wasn’t that wrong with his Hypothetic after all. After living in the United States for some time, Osmanagich gathered some of the experience which he is now imported into growing Bosnian archaeology and history.


From a personal state, I remember the year everyone was suspicious about a Pyramid based in Bosnia. It was all over the news, TV-s, he was interwoven several times, and even teachers organized trips for little boys and girls to see how a Temple really looks like. It was the time he brought a team of experts and started „digging“, and I mean it, digging the floors, grass, stones.. Just to get to a remarkable discovery. Even I doubted that theme for one time, until I personally visited the entrance of Gods.

Since Bosnia and Herzegovina has such a good geographical spot, where western meets eastern, and they fight throughout ages, it wouldn’t be a surprise for some of these cultures to shape such a pyramid-looking entrance in Bosnia. Bosnia is a country full of blossoming history, a country in which you can hear both 3 religions sometimes even living in peace, with no prejudices; but such an archaeological revolution is something not even Bosnians could count on.


Nevertheless, Pyramids are not the only discovery. In a small town, called Zavidovici, about 1 km away from town, you can see another archaeological revolution coming up. I’m talking about perfectly rounded stones, huge stones; some of them even reached a size bigger than a normal human. When you first think of it, it sounds kind of boring. But, when a group of archaeologist saw that natural miracle, they assumed this was sometimes another temple, and most of them even swore they felt some incoming energy from the stones. They would put their hands against them, and feel the magnetic energy coming from them, and when they would release their hands, they would swear that some kind of a healing process did happen.

The funny part is – the stones are not under any kind of security level, no one owns them, they are right upon a house of an average man which you first have to ask if you may cross his garden in order to get to the center of happening. I was personally there, too. It was the funniest paradox on earth. So many discoveries, so little people who are actually interested in finding out more about it. Since no one protects them as a revolution, and they belong to the nature; when you come and visit Zavidovici in order to take a break in the magnetic-fielded magical wonder, you can see tourists struggling with the guy who lives close to them, trying to get there with their huge cameras and ready to make documentaries about it. But, you have to know how to say: „May I cross your garden „on Bosnian in order to achieve wonders. The more you research about the historical remainanings of Bosnia, the more exiting it gets, and you see a lot of paradoxes images popping right at you. Welcome to Bosnia, a place of big discoveries and zero sh*t given!

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