Bulgarian princess that was ‘BUILT INTO’ a stone Chruch

This is not the usual way how they usually built their Churches

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Botevgrad. Bulgaria – There are many ways your life can lead you to, but the Bulgarian Princess from Shishman Dynasty of the second Bulgarian Empire didn’t think she will end up built in a stone church for sure. It was few decades before Bulgaria was attacked by Ottoman Turks, that this excavation dates from, under the church of St.George near the town of Trudovets, Botevgrad Municipality, in Northwest Bulgaria.

Trudovec portal reported that Church today is not in usage and it’s completely abandoned, so archaeologists believe Trudovets was a part of medieval monastery because of many medieval frescoes fragments found around it.

There was more that was found around it like Early Byzantine coins dating 5th and 6th century and a marble pillar. It would mean that this church dates back to early Christian times in Southern Europe.

However marble pillars, coins, frescoes are all expected to be found in such archaeological site, but what really made archaeologists to open their jaws was to find a grave of medieval Bulgarian princess.

What shocked them the most is that she was literally built into the foundations of the stone church, inside a grave filled with numerous rings and jewelry.

St. George Church near Trudovets was actually located on an island in the middle of a sbmall lake which dried out after the 14th century.

Amazing right?

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