Bulgarian Refuses To Stop Smoking At The Gas Station, It Didn’t End Well For Him

When things go wrong but not in a way that you expect

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You know those douchebags that do stupid things on purpose and they think they’re cool? Well it so happens that in Bulgaria they deal with douchebags in a very easy way, you get to be a douchebag to a douchebag that deserves it. There was this guy who came to a gas station and he refused to stop smoking while he was filling his car up.

In the west he would possibly go away with it (y.o.l.o. culture), but in the South-Eastern Europe among Slavs he was dealt in a very delicate way he did not expect:

The hero was the gas station employee who spotted the moron smoking besides the highly flammable gas tanks and dealt with him in a appropriate manner. The station worker got commended by the manager and received a LED TV as reward.

“Anyone who smokes a cigarette or uses anything that causes a flame/spark near a gas station should have their car removed from them and crushed. Anyone stupid enough to do that should not be allowed to drive a vehicle because they are demonstrating they are not adult enough, nor have the reasoning skills required, to not do more stupid things. Considering it would have put the employee at risk of death I would argue that he might be within his rights to knock that man out (not using the extinguisher to do it though).” ~ one person commented

So the lesson is, don’t smoke at the gas station kids!

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