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Čičmany: Slovakia’s painted village

Čičmany : Slovakia’s painted village – The unique village of Čičmany, located near the source of the River Rajčianka in the Stražov Hills, has been attracting ever greater public interest since the Slavonic Ethnological Exhibition in Prague in 1895. Since then a special sort of tourism and folk studies has developed in the village and continues to this day. A number of buildings whose folk architecture is notable for its good condition and stylistic unity were declared a historical reservation in 1979.
The Považie Museum owns two buildings in Čičmany that exemplify its folk architecture. Visitors to them can see how people lived and worked in the village, as well as examples of folk costumes and folk arts.

The white paint designs started off with a completely practical purpose. In the late 18th century, residents put lime paint on the outside of the houses to protect the wood where it was damaged. But the paint evolved from practical to ornamental, reflecting the motifs commonly seen in local needlework. Today you can see protective symbols as crosses, hearts, stars, spirals, pinwheels and what looks like sitting birds facing each other.

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