Croat and Serb deceived a Polish company and stole 110 tons of foil

Young entrepreneur webmasters in a business deal of their lifetime

Photo: PU Zagrebačka
geralt (CC0), Pixabay

Another amazing story including three Slavic countries was uncovered these days. The smart “entrepreneur” duo made of a Croat (34) and Serb (30) who made a fake website of an existing Austrian company. Then they contacted the Polish company with whom they agreed to purchase 110.5 tons of PVC plastic construction foil worth about 100,000 euros reports 24sata. The poor unsuspecting Poles agreed on payment postpone while the duo diverted the truck from Austria to Maria Bistrica in Croatia.

There the entrepreneur duo rented a large warehouse where they stored the stolen goods. Over the next period they managed to sell part of the foil, but most of it, 88.6 tons was left.

Then soon after police managed to track them and the Serb and his assistant were arrested. Croat entrepreneur is still on the run and police is searching for him.

Besides the “business duo” they also arrested a 35-year-old Croat who bought a larger amount of the stolen foil.

They suspect him that he knew those goods were stolen, thus hiding a criminal offense. Stay tuned for more Slav entrepreneurs in future!

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