Croatian Man Covered His Friend In Gasoline And Tried To Burn Him Down, After 3 Years In Prison They Can’t Be One Without Another

The most intense friendship ever recorded in human history…

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The same evening when he came home after spending almost ten months in Remetinac (prison) for attempting a serious murder, Matiji (62) came shortly to his best friend Milan (62). He did not want to go in the house, because the police banned him from doing that writes Jutarnji List.

Namely, Matija was in Remetinac for a serious attempt of murder of his friend and neighbor Sušić. One day earlier, Karasu was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment for a criminal offense in Zagreb County court on Tuesday, and was released from custody for a sentence of less than five years.

“Alcohol is the fault of everything. It was something about a dumpster… We do not even remember what was the cause of the argument “

Police ban

According to the verdict, Karas and Sušić had been drinking together in Gornja Dubrava on January 15 this year for the whole day, so they would hardly “defect” afterwards. During the controversy, Karas shed gasoline on him and ignited it. He suffered heavy burns – according to medical findings, about 30 percent of the body’s surface burned from 2 to 3 degrees.

According to the law, when the defendant is released from detention, the court through the police must notify the injured party so as not to cause undesired contacts between him and the defendant. The police did it, but in this case it was a sign to himself to let his friend go out to visit him.

“We live here almost next to each other. I told the police that I could not avoid his house when he was 20 feet from me”

Sušić told that he recovered from heavy burns, though still visible in his hands.

“We are still the best friends. I forgive him all, “Sušić says, after we visited Karas’s house and came to his distant 10m in the Ključariček in Gornja Dubrava where both live.

Alcoholic amnesia

Both men in the voice of a tragic event almost say, “It’s because of alcohol. It was just alcohol. Spritzer “.

“We both were in the war, and he was longer than me, but the question is who was in the toughest situations,” says Karas, who can not even remember why he hurt his best friend.

How, then, did it get fueled with gasoline and burn it?

“We were sitting next to the fire, drinking and talking, and sometimes I have that little gasoline when I do not hack the firewood and just burn it with fire to burn, one dec. That’s what I covered him with. I’m sorry, ” ~ says Karas

“After I ignited it and quit, we drank a couple more drinks, and then said she had to go home, that he was weak. He went to the house, and I saw he had fallen by the side of the road, so I got him and went home” ~ Karas told.

Now he says he has to help repair a vineyard that Sušić could not handle due to his injured hands.

Help about vineyards

“The problem is that the police said I should not come to him or he to me, so I do not know how to help him around the vineyards, but we’ll figure out something,”

Karas says, who asked us to move him to Dubrava to buy cigarettes . “the most important thing is that Milan is good,” said Karas softly while driving.

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