Davor Rostuhar – First Croat Who Reached The South Pole!

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Davor Rostuhar is officially the first Croat (and 26th person in the World) who completed the first ever Croatian expedition to South Pole, on 17th of January this year!

About Davor Rostuhar

Born in ’82, Zagreb, Davor studied history and sociology, but after some time he completely dropped out so he could commit to traveling and freelance photography. Other than Croatia, where he is active most of the time regarding travel and work, he spent a lot of his time also in Arctic, Egypt, Peru, Russia, Spain, Turkey etc.

The expedition


Expedition lasted for 47 days during which Rostuhar passed 1163 km alone, on skis, from Union Glacier (coast of the Antarctica) to the South pole check point. During that time, while walking, he dragged his sled with needed equipment such as tent, food and various other things of crucial need. At the begging of expedition, sled weighted over 135 kg! In average, he walked approximately 10 to 12 hours per day, with 3 days break in total, and the temperatures were between -15 and -27, but in real feel sometimes to -50.

Rostuhar said in one interview that the very point of this expedition for him was to make his dream come true, and that he managed to prove himself that with hard work anyone can make thing happen! He hopes his story will motivate others.

“Polarni san” 

Upon his arrival, he wrote a travel book called “Polar san” (Polar dream) where he describes in details how his expedition went, with hope to motivate others that everything is possible when you believe in yourself!

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