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Today thanks to blogger horoshiy we can see and discuss the most interesting international festival of historical reconstruction of the Middle Ages  called “Battle of Nations”, which was held in the fortress Khotyn (Khotyn, Chernivtsi region) from April 30 to May 3. The main event was a battle between the fighters of the national teams of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Canada, Italy and Germany, and in addition it was full of soldiers and non-military characters who walked through the fortress, depicting peasants, court servants and other elves.

The Italian team will gladly posed for our bloggers after their fighters took part in the fights “1 1” group “5 by 5”, and even checked their oozes a massive battles “21 by 21” as part of the Polish team.

The Italians fought to the last in a strange and so complicated for yourself nomination, and even managed to overcome the resistance of the strong Polish group “Poland 3” in battle “5 by 5”. Hawtin is by the way one of the oldest cities in Bukovina.

On the hills of the Dniester River is a historical and architectural monument (XI-XVIII c.) – The most powerful castle of Eastern Europe, the main location of  Khotyn war (1621) between the Polish-Ukrainian hetmans (hetmans K.Hodkevich, P.Sagaydachny) and the Turkish-Tatar (Sultan Osman II) military.

Review of the defense “Traian” Shaft (II-III century AD), which stretches south from the eastern part of the city.

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