First “Flying Spaghetti Monster” church opened in Moscow

No we are not making this up, it really does exist

Photo: Niklas Jansson - Android Arts / Wikimedia

Moscow – flying spaghetti monster it obviously taking over our world, step by step tho. Few exclusive photos from the probably first in the world church of the flying spaghetti monster (or Pastafarianism) as they call it. These are the first Russian followers of the great church, or should we call the adepts of Pastafarianism a.k.a. “those who take photos with mesh colanders on their heads for driving licences.

So if you ever had an urge to have such a photo for your driving licence, make sure you become Pastafarian first! h/t(EngRus) src(Yaroslav)

“Ramen” brothers and sisters! Join the growing cult!

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