Frederic Chopin – Facts About The Polish Piano Genius

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Frederic Chopin – is the most outstanding Polish composer and pianist. There are several interesting facts about him. For the first time, the pianist played at a concert at 7 years old, at 12 for a virtuoso game he was called a “Warsaw’s miracle”.

Despite the fact that Frederic Chopin spent most of his life abroad, his soul was always close to the Polish people: he was warmly sympathetic to the Poles and even went to support his people when the revolution began. Polish suppression caused severe moral damage to the composer, depressed him, which was reflected in his work.

“Dog Waltz”.

George Sand, with whom Chopin for several years was in a close relationship, was very fond of her dog. Once she complained to her lover that she would have written a song about the dog if she could. The musician did not leave the lady’s request without attention and wrote an easy, cheerful waltz called “Opus No. 64” or, as Chopin’s disciples called him, “Waltz of the Little Dog”. “Dog Waltz” is known even by those who are very far from the world of music.

Being a very young musician, Chopin could not take complicated chords, as his fingers lacked stretching. Then the boy came up with a clever device that stretched the bundles. It caused terrible pain, but Chopin wore it constantly, without removing even before bed.

A genius or a madman?

The servant thought Chopin crazy, and all because the boy had a habit of jumping out of bed and running to the instrument in the middle of the night. Chopin was sick with epilepsy – an ailment in itself unpleasant, and in the case of Frederic, seizures were accompanied by visions. The deceased relatives talked to the composer, and this at best, because at worse times instead of relatives there were whispering threats of otherworldly beings.

Frederic Chopin was a very vulnerable person.

Often his peace of mind could break a mere trifle, especially if it was a matter of love affairs. Thus, the engagement of the composer was canceled because of an extremely absurd case. Chopin had an affair with the granddaughter of the famous musician and it was going to the wedding. One day Frederic looked at the girl on a visit with a friend, and the lady turned to the composer’s companion with a proposal to sit down earlier than to Chopin himself. Offended to the depths of the soul musician terminated the engagement.

Chopin played in the dark

this habit was preserved by the composer from childhood. Little Chopin was accustomed sitting at the piano in absolute darkness – that’s how inspiration came to him. Even at dinner parties, he asked to mute the light in the hall.

Anyway, despite the serious illness and short life path, Chopin managed to make a real revolution in music, showing that it does not have to be thundering to be heard. His tender, lyrical compositions are life itself, love, hope. This music has not lost its relevance to our days, sounding modern and unusual, filling the soul with delight from what was heard, allowing you to touch the beautiful.

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