Guru of the restaurant business from Russia – Akrady Novikov

The way  from the Soviet dining room to the top restaurant in central London.

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Arkady Anatolyevich Novikov is the first famous Russian restaurateur, a famous businessman. He was born in 1962 in Moscow. His first restaurant “Sirena” was opened in Moscow in 1992. It was the first seafood  restaurant with a fundamentally new level of service, interior design and of course cuisine.

In fact, Novikov is a pioneer and the founder of a new level of the catering industry in modern Russia. Over time, he will open many restaurants not only in Russia but also in cities like London, Dubai, Miami, Riyadh, Doha, Sardinia.

Today the Novikov Group owns more than 70 restaurants,bars,cafe around the world. Let’s take a look at his most famous places in Russia:

1) “Novikov Restaurant & Bar” in Moscow.

The success of London’s Novikov Restaurant & Bar inspired restaurateurs Arkady Novikov to open a similar project in Moscow. His team chose the best location for the restaurant – the first floor of the coolest Moscow hotel The Ritz-Carlton. It turned out to be a successful Pan-Asian cuisine right on most important streen of the city – Tverskaya. Nothing extra.

The strict, well-adjusted style with raisin: massive metal chandeliers, fresh flowers, glass vases, outdoor candlesticks with candles and huge roots of exotic relic wood. There’s even a Chinese door of the XV century in the wall of the open kitchen. On both sides of it there are 400-kilogram stone statues standing like guards. Both the door and the “warriors” were taken to a restaurant from Asia. You can enjoy interactive serve – dishes are served on a special wooden shovel to the guests sitting by the bar counter. The menu of Moscow’s Novikov Restaurant & Bar is exactly the same as that of a London restaurant. What would you say if you knew that the wine carte contains more than 15 types os sake?

2) “Syrovarnya” (Cheese factory) in Saint-Peterburg.

Located in the very heart of historical city, this conceptual restaurant has its own cheese production. The place is original with simple cuisine in country style. You can even enjoy the educational show: right in front of your eyes, chefs will produce half a dozen types of white young cheeses: Mozzarella, Burrata, Ricotta, Stracciatella, and Halumi. Strictly from local products (milk, for example, is delivered every morning from a farm in the town of Volkhov).

Bread and pizza are baked in the bright red Italian oven, and the bread is served as a compliment to all guests in brand named craft packages. Juicy steaks from premium meat are roasted on a cast-iron American grill.

Do you wanna try?

3) “Belochka (Squirrel)” Sochi.

In the centre of the Olympic Park, on the shores of the Black Sea, a new brewery was opened by Arkady Novikov. Now all beer lovers have a real chance to try the best kinds of high quality beer as there are more than 35 types of draft and bottled beer. The menu includes dishes of the Black Sea, Eastern, Caucasian, European cuisine. Everyone will find something tasty: a variety of original snacks, meat dishes, seafood, salads. Here you can watch a daily gastronomic show in the open kitchen. A spacious, summer terrace with a sea view will complete your feelings.

As we mentioned above, Arkady Novikov is the innovator of the restaurant industry in Russia. Visiting one of his places is the right thing to do, moreover, not all his restaurants cost one a pretty penny.

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