Show Stopping Vodka Desserts You Need To Try: Part 3

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Part three in the Vodka Desserts series brings six new vodka dessert recipes because truth be told, sweet treats mixed with vodka are so ah-mazingly delicious that a dozen recipes simply don’t cut it. If you’re new to the series, you might want to check out Show Stopping Vodka Desserts: Part 1 as well as Show Stopping Vodka Desserts: Part 2 for a selection of creative alcohol-infused recipes that will absolutely WOW your family and friends with their unique flavor. Before you delve into the following recipes, here’s quick hint on the entire series: you don’t need enviable Master Chef level cooking skills in order to prepare the desserts.

Black Forest vodka cake

One of the most famous desserts in Germany is undoubtedly the Black Forest gateau or Schwarzwald cake. The multi-layered rich chocolate, sour cherry, heavenly whipped cream and fruity Kirsch create an unforgettable taste that has conquered the hearts of many ever since the distant 1915. Irina has a splendid recipe for this cake on her blog Baking Like A Chef. She didn’t have any Kirsch on hand when preparing it, so she made her own using cherry brandy essence, water and… vodka.

Pro tip: Just use cherry-flavored vodka to swap the traditional Kirsch brandy in the recipe.

Strawberries and ice cream flambéed with vodka

Flambéing isn’t a brand new technique and due to the burning and evaporation of the alcohol, this method can severely numb down the strong flavor of the alcoholic spirit. Check out this recipe at All Recipes for a truly unique idea of a flambéed dessert with strawberries and ice cream with two surprising ingredients – vodka and hot pepper sauce. That’s right, hot pepper sauce.

Pro tip: Follow the ingredients’ volumes strictly and remember that you should be careful when flambéing, especially when you’re doing it indoors. If this is your first time using this technique, ask someone who’s done it to help you out.

Harvey Wallbanger cake

One part vanilla-flavored herbal Galliano liquor, three parts vodka and six parts freshly squeezed orange juice – the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail is the more elegant version of the ever-popular Screwdriver shot. Shawna at All Recipes was creative enough to transform this sweet citrusy cocktail into a full blown Harvey Wallbanger cake that’s easy to prepare with the aid of cake mix for those days when you’re feeling particularly lazy.

Pro tip: For those of you who can’t handle too much alcohol, don’t put Galliano in the cake batter and use it only in the glazing. For those of you who want to get a stronger buzz, swap the Galliano in the batter with more vodka.

Chocolate brownies with vodka

Regardless of what some people will tell you, there is no ultimately correct consistency when it comes to brownies. Some like them softer and more chocolaty, others prefer them thicker in texture and only with cocoa powder instead of with melted chocolate. Prash at Yummily Yours has a formula for the softer, richer version that calls for a splash of vodka. Her chocolate brownies literally call for 5 minutes of hard work and rest is just baking. Unlike some other brownie recipes, which are far more elaborate, you can’t get this one wrong.

Pro tip: Don’t cut the “cake” right after popping it out of the oven. Let it sit for about an hour or so until it completely cools down, then transfer it into the fridge for at least an hour until the chocolate fully thickens. This makes for a better consistency and severely aids with cutting the perfectly shaped brownie pieces later.

Kulich with vodka soaked raisins

Kulich is among the most popular Easter foods in the Slavic world and every babushka is well aware of its preparation. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next Easter or you want to bake it without any occasion, adding a teeny tiny bit of vodka to the kulich is an excellent way to experiment with it. Head over to All Recipes for the full breakdown of all ingredients and remember – every good kulich needs at least a few hours for the dough to rise properly.

Pro tip: Don’t tell your babushka about the secret ingredient. Even if she’s open minded and the most loving grandma on the planet, she might not react well to the idea of mixing vodka with a traditional ritual bread and might start chasing you with a rolling pin.

Vodka popsicles

Last, but not least, comes an extremely easy vodka dessert in the shape of colorful popsicles, courtesy of the Tipsy Bartender. All you need are some Skittles, soda or another type of soft drink, vodka and a set of popsicle molds, which you can find at your local dollar store.

Pro tip: If you have children in the household, make sure they can’t get their hands on the popsicles. Chances are they might not get drunk from one popsicle, but let’s not teach kids to consume alcohol from an early age.

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