Here Are The Most Popular Jobs And Professions For Slavs

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While Slavs aren’t particularly fond of being labeled as an underdeveloped nation that’s residing in third world countries, there is some truth to the fact that the most popular jobs and professions in Slavic countries require little (and sometimes no) social or professional skills. There are high paid jobs that employ qualified staff, of course, but the majority of locals and foreigners in Slavic lands don’t exactly set a high bar compared to the rest of the world.

The most sought after professions are in the ICT and business sectors, but due to the mandatory employment of specialists with skill, experience and formal education, lower level jobs are far more popular among the masses. Over the course of the past five years online data from job listings show that these are the most common positions Slavs aged 16-60 tend to choose, grouped in the following four main sectors – construction, public, economics and business, ICT and IT.

Construction sector

Usually focusing more on physically challenging manual labor rather than on any skills, the construction sector is always looking for factory workers, machinery operators, construction laborers and supervisors. The number of available spots is always high not because there’s a shortage in candidates for these professions, but because there’s a plethora of sites in need of additional employees to do the dirty work on a minimum paygrade. Lack of education or other qualifications, lack of years’ worth of experience and numerous other factors incite many Slavs to seek jobs in this sector.

Public sector

The public sector covers a vast variety of careers in health, education, maintenance and lots of other types of public service – from plumbing and emergency services all the way to law enforcement. Shop assistants and sales clerks, taxi and delivery drivers, waiters and bartenders, security guards, hair dressers, gym staff, receptionists, public and private teachers and pharmacists hold the top spots for public sector jobs taken in Slavic countries. Some of them actually do require higher levels of expertise and can be considerably lucrative, regardless of the country, but the monetary compensations for these positions are predominantly low.

Economics and business sector

An underdeveloped country is typically characterized by a poor economy and unsurprisingly enough there’s an ever-growing trend among Slavs to seek work in the private sector of business and economy as accountants, HR, PR, staff and project managers, social media managers – neither of which has anything to do with aiding with aiding the national economy. Why? It’s simple – the private companies tend to pay more and to offer other non-salary related benefits. On the other hand, the same economic and business positions in the public sector usually offer smaller income, they are mistakenly apprehended as monopolized (and as such, unattainable) and last, but not least, most Slavs care more about their personal finances rather than the overall state of the country.

ICT/ IT sector

With technology and communication’s constantly evolving flow, the ICT and IT sectors provide a plethora of opportunities for a career path. As far as the ICT jobs in Slavic countries go, customer support representatives, system administrators, software developers, analysts and engineers are the most popular positions taken by Slavs. Due to the fact that ICT usually (but not always) has a higher minimum wage compared to other sectors, youngsters and adults alike tend to opt for qualifications and education required for the ICT infrastructure. Moreover, lower level positions in this sector are always looking for less experienced personnel without requiring them to carry out painful, weary and dirty manual labor, which is yet another reason why so many people are looking for employment in ICT/ IT companies.

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