Highest Recorded Temperature By Slavic Country On Map Of Europe

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We are all used to stereotypes how Russia is an eternal kingdom-cold, but here’s the twist, it’s one of the hottest Slavic countries together with some traditionally hot (tempered) South Slavs. The highest officially recorded temperature in the world is 56.7 °C (134.1 °F), which occurred on 10 July 1913 in Furnace Creek, California, USA. Other continents also have some really hot places: 55.0 °C in Africa (Tunisia), 53–54 °C in Asia (Israel, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan; some of the values are disputed), 50.7 °C in Oceania (Australia), and 48.9 °C in South America (Argentina) reports Jakub Marian. The map below shows the highest officially (not anecdotally) recorded temperature in European countries (it is based mainly on this list).

  • BiH –> 46.2°
  • Macedonia –> 45.7°
  • Russia –> 45.4°
  • Bulgaria –> 45.2°
  • Serbia –> 44.9°
  • Montenegro –> 44.8°
  • Croatia –> 42.8°
  • Ukraine –> 42.0°
  • Slovenia –> 40.8°
  • Czechia –> 40.4°
  • Slovakia –> 40.3°
  • Poland –> 40.2°
  • Belarus –> 38.9°

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