Incredibly detailed sculptres from Russian woodcarving festival will leave you speechless

It’s more than just an art place, it’s the Mecca for all sculpture artists

Photo © chuzhoy77 / source: yaplakal

Irkutsk, Russia – one Russian tourist that visited Savvateevka village in Irkutsk region, didn’t expect to come upon the “wooden sculpture park of Lukomorye”. Today people use this park for exhibiting incredible woodcarving works and it became kind of a “festival” these days. Most of people commented how it looks incredible but it would be scary to visit it by night, and we have to agree with that.

Carvers from the region gather here and create amazing wood pieces as you can see below. You can find anything here because these sculptures cover themes of Slavic mythology to horror movies, gigantic insects and what ever comes over their mind. More info about festival: alukomor [h/t:yaplakal]

What do you think?

What do you think?

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