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Inter-Slavic Language In The Making By Czech Linguist and Croatian Anthropologist

“One Slavic language to rule them all, back to the roots friends”

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Two Slav scientists have started to work on a common inter-Slavic language. Slavic languages ​​were used the least and were neglected on a world stage, this is why they enrolled on a task to create Slavic language that would help Slavic people across Europe. It is easier to communicate and translate from one Slavic language to another said the Czech linguist, an IT expert, a doctor of technical sciences and a lover of Pan-Slavism, a 50-year-old professor at the Faculty of Technology Doc.Ing Vojtěch Merunka.

He will present his novel language project on June 1, 2017 at the 1st Interstate language conference in the Moravian town of Staré Město near Zlín on the Czech-Slovak border. Merunka states that the “guiding star” was the work of the Croatian linguist Juraj Križanić, who was also a great pan-Slavist and contributed a lot to new-age designed “inter-Slavic languages” reports JutarnjiList.

Croatian anthropologist Emil Heršak, who collaborates with Merunk who is a great advocate of the new-Slavic language, and one of the active participants of the forthcoming conference said:

in geographic Europe (from Portugal to Ural) there are mostly Slavic languages speakers ​​- about 250 million or 32, 3 percent of European populations, and secondly there are Romanesque languages ​​with 31 percent of speakers, while on the third place there are Germanic languages ​​(and they are the most numerous languages spoken world-wide), which account for slightly more than 27 percent speakers.

Makes you think if there are over 360 million Slavs, have we been sleeping all this time and let other smaller groups out-influence us?

Pan-Slavic language for better Google Traslate

Heršak said that that Merun’s “Novo-Slavian language” is not meant to replace all other Slavic languages, but rather as a computer language for easier communication between the Slavs themselves. Namely, says Herasak, in Google Translator even banal words like “bear” from Polish or Russian will translate in a wrong way – in Polish it will say the word is “to bear” and in Russian “carry “, because it goes over English root words.

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Translating from one Slavonic language to another would be easier and more accurate and without such bizarre mistakes, which would raise the quotation of scholarly works from Slavic languages, he said. Heresak states that Novoslawin would be a “mediator” and that the text of that language would be better translated into some of the existing Slavic languages.

Easy grammar of Pan-Slavic language

This is not a language that would replace or endanger any of the existing Slavic languages (or their nationality). It is designed as a support for communication between Slavic speakers – says Merunka, All the information is present on his

He argues that he is bothered by the fact that Czechs, Croats, Poles and Bulgarians and other Slavs are forced to speak in English or another language to understand themselves, which is ironical as the root of their mother tongue is the same.

Politics and Pan-Slavic language?

His idea, he says, is not the fruit of co-operation with any of the political or cultural institutions of any of the Slavic countries, but he would like to hear at least in those countries that at some cultural meetings or events between Slavic countries will be held on that topic.

“Nobody is under threat by this language, neither Russian nor any other Slavic language, but it is a direct challenge to English, which becomes undesirable as the language of communication and among the Slavs who speak close similar languages,” notes Heršak.

Merunka points out that his project in Russia as the country with the largest number of Slavic speakers has been ambivalent.

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