What To See And Do In Zagreb, Croatia

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Although it’s not situated on the azure coasts of the Croatian Adriatic shores, Zagreb is a lovely city and a big tourist center for locals and foreigners alike. Here are some of the things you should put on your bucket list if you’re planning a trip to Zagreb.

Find the ten installments of the Nine Views

In 1971 Ivan Kožarić, a local artist, sculptured a bronze sphere called Prizemljeno Sunce, which was modeled after our galaxy’s Sun, and displayed it in Zagreb. A decade and a half ago another Croatian sculptor, Davor Preis, created nine other spheres from metal alloys and scattered them across the city. They are modeled after Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Along with the Prizemljeno Sunce they form an art installation called Nine Views.

Visit THE Square

Zagreb has several squares, all designed in the 19th century as a frame that encircled the city’s center. One of them, often dubbed as the most beautiful of all Croatian squares, houses various cultural, historical and educational buildings, sculptures and landmarks, as well as the city’s botanical gardens. Up to present day the square has changed its name a total of eight times. The last change was carried out in 2017 when it was renamed to Trg Republike Hrvatske (meaning the Square of the Republic of Croatia or simply the Republic of Croatia Square).

Hop on the shortest funicular ride in the world

If you’ve never been on a funicular ride before, this would be the best place to give it a try. The funicular in Zagreb has allegedly the shortest rail track in the world. With a total of 66 meters of railroad the steep ride takes just over a minute. Its cars can hold up to 28 passengers and there’s one usually every 10 minutes. The cars still have the original shape of the funicular cars from the 1880s, which is why they bear a cultural and historical importance for Croatia. Having all of these facts in mind, it comes only natural for hordes of tourists to line up for the ride.

Go museum hunting

Zagreb is a dream come true for museum goers. Boasting with a dozen museums that focus on history, arts, crafts, ethnography and archeology, Croatia’s capital has plenty to offer. If you have some spare time to kill, you can also check out the Mushroom Museum, which has over a thousand species of freeze-dried mushrooms from all over the world, the Ferdinand Budicki Automobile Museum, which welcomes car enthusiasts seven days a week, or the Museum Of Broken Relationships to which you can donate items that remind you of your ex-partners.

Dine at the Michelin star restaurant Noel

More and more restaurants on Croatian soil are receiving a Michelin star by the Michelin Guide committee for their outstanding quality. The country currently has 5 restaurants with a Michelin star and one of them, Noel, is located in Zagreb. Goran Kočiš, the owner and star chef of the restaurant, focuses on modern cuisine, local wines, Istrian cheeses and some rarer ingredients. Will you have to sell a kidney to eat at Noel? Not necessarily, but if you’re up for the 7 course menu, which starts at 770 Croatian Kuna (around €104 Euro) per guest, you’ll definitely have to make a reservation.

Marvel at the Croatian State Archives building

You can find tiny Art Nouveau buildings scattered here and there in European capitals, but the Croatian State Archives building in Zagreb is beyond comparison. Constructed in 1913 just before the peak of the Art Nouveau style in the Roaring 20s, it was initially meant to serve as a library. Breathtaking in both its exterior and interior, the building currently holds the state archives, which date back to the 1600s. You can tour a selection of rooms and halls inside the building and as a bonus to its beauty, you can feast your eyes on the gorgeous botanical gardens located just across the state archives.

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