Kalashnikov Company Introduced A Hoverbike For Russian Police

Into the bright new future with human flying drones

“Kalashnikov” company introduced a already well known concept of an quad-copters, but much larger in size than usual.It can transport one person in the air at a height of several meters, as such it is a good step towards actual personal flyers. They did not disclose the technical characteristics of this aircraft but some are suggesting it would be used for Police use, not civilian.

For several years the development of these flying motorcycles has been carried out by the American company Hoversuft, which is in turn founded by a Russian company. So it is almost certain we are heading towards a fun future as far as personal vehicles are concerned.

Flying Russian hoverbike video

The Russian startup hoversurf is making flying as easy as riding a bike. the ATaaS (air transport as a service) company have just unveiled the first commercial hoverbike that the world has ever seen. The craft in question is the scorpion-3, and is a fully-manned quadcopter that aims to make flying accessible to the masses.

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