Lost Polish Tourist Made Fire to Signalize his Location on Hill, Starts Huge Fire in Montenegro

Unintentional and not that bright fire-starter

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These days another large fire has struck the Adriatic, this time in Montenegro. A large hill above the settlement Bar was set on fire, and as local media reports it was caused by a Polish tourist. The poor guy was lost and he wanted to signalize and mark his locations so someone would rescue him. If fire would spread even more it would endanger several local areas such as Susan, Sutomore and Zubac.

The fire, which hit a large surface, formed a flame triangle on the hill and is clearly visible from virtually all parts of Bar. The head of the Bar Protection Service, Velizar Čađenović, told that the flame was buzzing under unbelievable circumstances.

“I am informed that a Polish mountaineer who was lost in the hill, in order to signal where he is located, he has set fire to do so and it immediately spread to a large part of the hill due to wind and dry vegetation. The situation is extremely serious.” ~ said Chedenovic.

Polish guy started the fire to signalize his location:

Few hours later:

“We immediately began to make plans of action for tomorrow, from early dawn. At this point, fire is still far from the road, however, due to the possible development of the situation, we have to be most careful,” said Čađenović. He added that he would seek the immediate involvement of Croatian Canadaers in firefighting from early morning hours as well as available Montenegrin MUP aircraft.

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