Medieval Restaurants In Czech Republic

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The best idea how to enjoy history and great cuisine is visit some of medieval restaurants. This is not only restaurant where you will come to eat and go away, but it is place where you will enjoy lot of fun. Many of that restaurants offer special program with dance, music and medieval type of entertainment.

One of them is amazing place in Dětenice. Only one step into the tavern and you will feel that you were transported from the 21st century back to the Middle Ages! You will at once feel that magic energy radiating from the vaults and old stone walls which are everywhere around you. Each sentence shouted out by the clamorous staff and tones of medieval songs will make you feel as they did last year.

You will sit down on a wooden bench at a stone table and forget your everyday stress and worries and become part of the Middle Ages. The local speciality is generally meat which is roasted on an open fire and other unique dishes that are hard to find anywhere else, it makes the real enjoyment of that age.

After dinner you can wait that all of sudden, a group of lovely dancers, and swordsmen will provide you with a night of unforgettable entertainment. You can how a beggar pleading for leftover bones, music seducing you to dance etc. One does notk know what to watch first of that amazing entertainment. These are the real Middle Ages. This is exactly place which you can not miss during your stay in the Czech Republic. In čase of you will get hungry or thirsty while your experiencing this medieval affair, just loudly ask the tapster to tap you another mug of delicious local beer and you will quickly be served with another tasty dish from their kitchen.

Another amazing place is in the city Písek. Here you can find historical building of the brewery cellars in this beautiful royal town.  Close to the castle of King Přemysl Otakar II. and the oldest stone bridge in our country hides a truly magnificent treasure. Here is the place where anunique medieval tavern awaits you in their bowels.

Lets go and experience the unique atmosphere of the Middle Ages. They are feasting in the tavern on the fire and believe that it is unprecedented. Your ultimate happiness will be taken care of by the chefs, who could be envied by the ruling court itself. Also, there is no doubt that every thirsty pilgrim will be thirsty. You can also enjoy a pre-selected Saturday in a medieval tavern with a stunning spectacle. For you and your surrounding will a medieval band play live music and sing in the tavern, during that time you can watch a gorgeous belly dancer who will dance, you will also see a warrior duel, a fakir with a live snake, a beggar, and much more medieval merriment.

U dwau Maryí

In the historical and also tourists favourite city Český Krumlov is medieval tavern, house similar to many other houses in the town. This house was built between two town walls – in the so called roundabout moat. This generally happened in the interior of the town during the late Middle Ages. The town square is the natural heart of the town which is situated among the curves of the Vltava river. Originally it is a one storey house connected with the rundabout wall at its interior side used to stand here. At the entrance of the room is a fire – place was obviously incorporated into the one storey vault. The first floor was probably built then too. You can find there a lounge with picturesquely decorated ceiling of boards.

Later, the house was extended by a super – structure on the exterior side of the rundabout wall and a few openings were made into the wall. Still is possible to find a meter thick fortification wall in the interior of the house.

Plaster coating in Renaissance style has been preserved under the present baroque facade of the house.

There are two wall paintings which represent the Virgin Mary on the facade. These paintings were discovered during restoration in 1950. The first painting of St. Mary situated between the windows on the first floor is younger. This picture was created in the second half of the 18th century.

The tavern called „U dwau Maryi“ was opened in 1990. In this way they try to recreate the atmosphere of the past which you can feel in the carefully renovated rooms. Historic materials that would be otherwise destroyed or thrown away in the dump were reused for the equipment of the tavern. The decorative objects made with the skill of the ancient smiths were found mostly on tips, dumps or in litter containers. You can spend here amazing historical moments.

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