Meet Alexei Nazarov – Swamp ‘Big Biznis’ Meme Schoolboy Who Became World Famous For This Photo

When a meme makes you break the internet…

Photo: Alexei Nazarov / Vkontakte

On the Russian side of the Internet, more precisely, their social network Vkontakte, one group (page) made a competition where it asked their fans to make as hilarious and random photo of yourself as you could in order to win a trip to Kyrgyzstan. This brave 16-year-old schoolboy from Chelyabinsk took his best suit and went straight in the middle of a swamp – only to see his pictures gone completely viral on all parts of the world wide web. His photos are now used on social networks for all kind of memes, jokes and ironic photos, on example a lot of Slavs on our website like to refer to the photo as “big biznis” making a joke about our Slavic small business endeavours. You know, when someone asks you how’s your business going, you reply with this picture and write “it’s blooming”.

The contest winner won a trip to Kyrgystan, second place won the movie tickets for two, while the third-place winner would get a week’s supply of noodles!

All the contest participants began taking photos of themselves in all sorts of bizarre places, from morgues, frozen lakes, swamps, abandoned areas and display all kind of hilarious random stuff in their photo sessions.

So, how is your business doing?

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