Meet ‘Little Big’: Your New Favorite Music Band From Russia, Rave On Comrades

When you Cyka so hard that you break the Internet

Do you ever feel like you don’t hear enough about good music that comes out of Russia? Well no worries, we got that covered. Little Big rave band from Saint Petersburg will probably find its way into your favorite list on YouTube, all thanks to actor, director, screenwriter and musician Ilya Prusikin. They Founded this band back in 2013. and it was a fast success, Russians loved it, but soon the fame went word-wide and they’re stacking hit after hit on YouTube. Psychology graduate, Ilya knows very well how to show the dark side of Russia through clever satire and fun performances. He said they made it big with no money, they just started to make fun videos and that was it.

In Russia there was a lot of negative comments about their work as well, because you don’t show the dirty laundry to strangers. This mentality is not just among Russian but among all Slavs in general, very shy people that only like to show the best of themselves and put the bad stuff under the carpet and pretend it is not there.

“They do not understand satire. We do this so Russian rednecks would see our music videos and realize that they need to change something about themselves.” – said Ilya Prusikin

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