Irish whiskey company made advertising banners with full bottles of alcohol in Slovakia, It didn’t last long

Wrong part of Europe for such kind of advertising banners brat

Someone had a awesome idea (at least he thought it was awesome) to feature original bottles of expensive Irish whiskey brand inside glass ads on a pathway. On several busy places in Slovakia these beautiful bottles were filled with alcohol, but of course they were not available to anyone, just for looking brat. From the thirsty passengers they were separated by rough glass and moral barriers, but this weekend someone finally did it.

Miraculously the glass was shattered into pieces on few of these genius glass-ads and the bottles disappeared. Was this the intention of these ads? We doubt it, poor Irish company had no idea how the minds of Slavic Scientists work. We see your smart ad, we adapt, we overcome. Interesting advertising and the potential to get a liter of good alcohol for free by simple theft apparently did not stop the local Slovaks, the first victim they chose was at the Franz Liszt Square in Bratislava at the train station reports Refresher.

On the Internet as we first thought as well, there is a theory that it could be a part of a clever advertising marketing from the Clockwise agency that took care of the alcoholic beverage campaign. Let us be frank, no way this ad could have survived long.

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