Meet Natasha Yudina – The Young Knitting Artist From Russia Who Makes Knitted Items Like a Pro Babushka

Putin, Gagarin and others among the Christmas sweatshirt deers

Russia – another artist is here for to learn about, it is Natasha Yudina  which is a young talented artists from cold white Siberia, the city of Tomsk in Russia. She choose fur and knitting as her form of artistic expression, and she is delivering if you know what we mean. Ever wanted a knitted Putin blanked for a comfy sleep? Or a fuzzy Lenin head? no problem, she’ll make it!

In fact most of her works are pretty unique and could probably end up in your possession as some hip decor for your home. Also Natasha is 100% Slav, look at her carpet. If you are interested in her work you can follow her over instagram.

Natasha seems being enjoying her works herself a lot, she loves to take photos with it.

Natasha graduated from Art college in her city.

During her college time the were making gypsum heads in her class, this is where idea of create a Lenin plush head was born.

She sais she loves Putin/Gagarin faces on a knitted sweatshirt the most, its the warm fuzzy feeling she gets wearing it during winter when you have a cold and her president keeps her warm.

Also she doesn’t limit herself for knitting. She tried making this bench out of an animal:

And this Marx (or Engels) in the woods.

When she was asked – Natasha, when you understood you are becoming famous? – She answered – When my post on Instagram was liked by “Kremlin Museum” account.

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