Meet Roylet the Toilet made in Slovenia

MichaelGaida (CC0), Pixabay

We bet you love traveling and for example many of you have walked the Dubrovnik city walls and in middle of the wall tour you had an irresitable urge to visit the toilet. However most of those toilets look dirty, cheap, plastic, smelly and people would rather implode then use such toilets. So the smarty pants Slovenians have finally come to a excellent solution to this problem, they invented the Roylet.

This is a special kind of toilet that even a king would be proud to use, and it’s equipment from newspapers, red rug, golden frames, comfy seat and a personel that opens the doors for you is something that we all might expect in future!

On the entrance of the toilet you get your crown

You sit in royal decorated toilet with newspapers, mgDonat bottle in your close proximity

You are now safe to take a royal dump while they guard you at the entrance

Those Slovenes, what will they make next

Slovenia, where people take royal dumps

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