Meet the Slavistan – best Slavic simulator that you will love to play

When Witcher 3 becomes boring it’s not end of life, you start to Slavistan

Slavistan, Steam – It will happen, one day you will get bored of Witcher 3 and you know it. But when that adventure stops it’s not the end of your life, there are other alternatives. One of those is Slavistan, a Cheeki Breeki simulator where you can immerse as a eastern-block Slav. You will see it all from Adidas, bears, Vodka, USSR symbolism and various Slav mini games.

Now before you get too judgmental on the graphics, please watch the trailers and read the reviews first. Then on end tell us what do you think! Also FYI this game is available on Steam.

Slavistan Trailer:

Slavistan Gameplay:

What players have to say in their reviews:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2 Screenshot_3

Will you SQUAT?

What do you think?

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