Incredible medieval weapons found among wealthy Russian Nobles

They liked to have a good weapon, who can blame them we all like them

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Russia – This country is one of the largest in the world, and obviously this size did not come to it by itself but through a lot of wars. When wars come, weapon is your savior and this is why Russia had a lot of beautiful swords through history. Now the sole purpose of a sword is to “kill” and this is not a virtue that people in general like or approve, this is why they had a need to engrave and decorate their swords to give them a more honorable purpose.

This is how swords gradually became art and not just a blank tool to take anthers life in a battle that no one wants. No need to say, swords makers are artists of their own kind, this is why some of these pieces are beyond beautiful.

“those who come to us with sword in hand will die by the sword!” ~ by Alexander Nevsky

Sabre of Vladimir Monomakh

Damascus saber was a renown item at Russian noble houses. This one had a inscription saying “Holy Mother of God, help your servant, in the name of Christ”

Sword Boyar Shein

Second sword belonged to the boyar Mikhail Borisovich Shein. It’s beauty lied in wooden handle that was was covered with multicolored brocades.

Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich Slasher

Damask made in Czech workshop was ordered for Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich in 1617. It had a inscription in gold on both sides with the addition of Russian letters “c”.

Knife of Prince Andrei Ivanovich

These daggers were owned by Andrey Ivanovich, the youngest son of Ivan III. They had Asian inscriptions, more exact Hindustan inscriptions, meaning they were acquired in India and they were probably a gift of Babur Khan to Grand Prince Vasily Ivanovich in 1532.

Swords of Prince Dmitry Pozharsky

Sabre of Prince Pozharsky. It was a incredible art work that had bone handle, steel silver; silk belt and tip protector.

Mace of boyar Prince Vasily Golitsyn

Maces were a popular armament and this belonged to Boyar Prince Vasily Golitsyn. It was a great craftsmanship that had four bone plates carved in the form of a crescent.

Spear of Grand Prince of Tver Boris Alexandrovich

Again Damask steel was very rare and popular in medieval Europe. This spear belonged to  “Grand Duke Boris Alexandrovich”

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