Melovin – The Ukrainian Representative at Eurovision Didn’t ‘Lovin the Results

‘Under the ladder’ song ended under the ladderboard

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Ukraine takes part in the Eurovision song contest every year and always seems to take quite high positions. This year was not an exception. After Jamala’s victory in 2016 and Kiev hosting the contest in 2017, the representative of Ukraine in 2018 was an unknown singer called Melovin. His performance in Lisbon started a lot of discussions. Melovin with his song “Under the ladder” got to the final along with 26 other countries.

However after his final performance he got the least number of points from the professional judges, they gave him 11 points which made him take the last, 26th place. Later in the evening when the results of the public votes were announced the whole country was surprised because according to the public votes Melovin took 7th place getting 119 points all together and 12 points (which is the maximum number) from three countries: Poland, Czech Republic and Belarus.

So why was there such a huge gap between the results? Why do professionals and the public think so differently? Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe the professional judges had their reasons to rate Melovin so poorly, in any case this situation made people talk about Melovin and his results even more. So let’s see who he is and where he comes from.

Nowadays Melovin is a relatively new star on the Ukrainian stage. Born into a family of a driver and an accountant he was called Kostantin Bocharov, which is the real name of Melovin, he met with music at the age of four when his grandmother presented him a small music box. Studying at the music institute of Glier in Kiev, Kostantin came to the casting for the 6th season of the X-factor show in Ukraine in 2015. After his first performance not all of the judges said “yes”, one of the judges also noticed that the nickname Melovin didn’t suit Kostia as it was “too narrow for his talent”. By the way, this nickname was created in 2013 and it comes from the union of two words: Halloween and the famous clothing designer Alexander McQueen.

Nevertheless the 18-year-old Kostia managed to get through to the next level. Since then nothing could stop him. Thanks to hard work and great talent his coach took him to the live editions where a young Melovin was getting enough support from the public to get to the next stage and in December 2015 Melovin became the official winner of the 6th season of X-Factor.

After the victory a new-born singer used every opportunity to become famous and share his talent. In 2016 he released his first single called “Not alone” and in 2017 he presented his first album called “face to face” with six songs, five of which are in English.

Using the valuable experience from the previous year in 2018 Melovin came to the same event with his new single called “Under the ladder again”. This time he was more prepared. Melovin looked very confident on the stage and together with the opinion from the judges and love from the public (which Melovin seems to be getting all of the time) he won the national election and went to Lisbon where he finished 17th place.

Please remember that Melovin is only 21 years old, by this age he has already tried to grab the public of Ukraine at the Eurovision contest election twice, he managed to do it from the second try with a song that he wrote himself, he is very likable which is proven by the public votes that got him to the first place in X-factor, final of the Eurovision election in 2017, first place in the Eurovision national election in 2018 and 17th place at the Eurovision music contest in 2018. In one of his Ukrainian-language songs Melovin sings “If you are scared of the dark you will not see anything in the light”. It looks like Melovin is not afraid of anything at all and we will hear from him again and listen to his singles which will hopefully get to the top of the hit parades.

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