The Most Beautiful Buildings In Ukraine That Are Worth Seeing

This is a tour you can’t miss if you find yourself in Ukraine

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Ukraine has a unique combination of architectural styles. Whist the East of the country is built in the common Soviet style with the same buildings in each city of simple rectangular shape, the West of the country looks very European. Not only the look of the buildings but also the scheme of the cities differ from West of East. And among these generalizations from time to time you can find real architectural gems both on the East and the West as well as in the middle of the country. In this article you will find a list of the most impressive and unique architectural solutions that can be found in Ukraine.

The House with Chimeras

The house with Chimeras can be found in Kiev, it is situated close to the city center next to the Presidential Administration. The house with Chimeras is one of the main sights for tourists visiting the capital of the country. There are excursions near the house and inside it. It became famous because of the unique sculptures that can be found inside and on the facade of the building.

The house started getting built in 1901 and was finished in 1903. The author of the sculptures is Elio Sala – a famous Italian architect  who at that time was teaching at the Kiev city college.

The facade of the building is decorated with the figures of ground and sea animals, myth creates (chimeras), fairy-tail heros and trophies. It is definitely worth seeing on Bankova 10 street.

The upside down house in Polianitsa

Tourists can visit this unusual house on their way to the most famous ski-resort of Ukraine, Bukovel. The house was built within 1.5 month according to an old technique of the local builders. At first the owners of the upside down house had a plan to make it a cafe or a hotel but later they decided to leave it as a museum, by the way the furniture inside the house is also upside down.

Nowadays it’s a famous sight for people who have some free time between skiing activities. the house can be found along the motorway that takes you to Bukovel, near the village of Polianitsa, in the Ivano-Frankovsk region.

The house of Legends

The house of Legends is a building situated right in the city center of Lviv that now has a cosy restaurant inside. The facade is decorated with the figures of legendary heros, dragons and strange paintings.  The house is more interesting inside than out, besides that the most interesting place of the building is it’s roof. The concept of the restaurant is to give it’s visitors a unique and different experience in each of the rooms on every floor of the building.

One of the floors is devoted to time, another one to lions, in the next room you will find books about Lviv and another room is devoted to weather. On the rooftop you will find an old car with paddles and a dwarf looking out of the pipe waiting for you to throw a coin into his hat to make your wish come true.

The restaurant and the building itself attracts many tourists, it can be found on Starojevrejska 48 street in Lviv so visit it if you happen to be nearby.

The Stary Mlyn restaurant

Stary mlyn in Ternopil is a restaurant that is famous not only for its delicious food but also for the unique architecture of this building. This building reminds people of the famous Gaudi architecture that can be found in Barcelona. It is also famous due to the fact that it has been built on the place of an old windmill which is by the way the literal translation of the name of the restaurant from the Ukrainian language.

The restaurant was built in 2002 using about one hundred thousand bricks in their original uncut shape. Nowadays the building has four floors and it’s interesting not only outside but also inside where a lot of ancient objects telling about the history and culture of Ukrainians can be found. You can find the building and try the food in Ternopil on Brodovskaya 1a street.

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