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Men Bangs: Favorite 50’s hairstyle in Russia that is making a comeback

Blyatiful hairstyles that will make you stand out among the crowd


If you are an avid Internet couch surfer, you must have stumbled upon Russian pics with men wearing unusual bangs. This is called chubchik (чубчик or бокс) in Russian, a very popular hair style among gopniks, teenagers, young army conscripts and rednecks. When women wear bangs with the rest of their hair it’s an okay haircut, however the shaven head with bangs among men originated in military, where older soldiers (who were about to get out of army service) have hidden bangs under their headgear, some sort of rebellious act.

In fifties it became very popular among the street gangs, thugs and thieves (usually those Chav/Gopnik rebellious teens) and they thought it looked cool (oh were they wrong). Today this hairstyle is making a comback, but only on the internet, people just do those haircuts for the “lols” and post them over on Russian social networks as

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