Soviet Dog Spacesuit: What the first cosmonaut dog wore into space?

Undoubtedly, your dog wearing this will attract a lot of looks

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Forget all those fancy childish looking suits for your dogs, make him a real attraction on the streets. Let us present you the Cosmonaut dog suit, the one that the first dogs in space, Belka and Strelka, wore on their epic journey. These two four-legged cosmonauts wore these suits back in 1960. on their Sputnik 2 mission, They launched 80 kilometers into air before they returned to the ground on parachutes. While the Americans used chimpanzees for the space testing, due to their similarity to humans, Russians used dogs because they are willing to stand still for long periods which is good if you’re traveling to space.h/t: (, designyoutrust)

The first animal, dog Laika, to orbit the Earth in 1957 unfortunately died from from stress and overheating around 6 hours into the flight. However Belka and Strelka were luckier (thanks to these suits also,: in 1960, they became the first dogs to return to Earth safely, having spent a day in space. Strelka subsequently gave birth to six puppies, one of which was presented as a gift to John F. Kennedy’s family.

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