Michelin Star Restaurants On Slavic Territory? Yes, That’s A Real Thing!

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Tourism in Slavic countries is anything but declining and flocks of travelers from near and far are gathering every year on Slavic territory for a number of reasons – from picturesque relief and beautiful nature to cultural heritage landmarks and various resorts. But has Slavic tourism evolved to such a substantial extend that world-renowned chefs will be willing to open up new joints here instead of in metropolitan cities like New York, Paris and Tokyo? Apparently so, because several Michelin Star restaurants can be found on Slavic grounds – a total of 7, to be exact.


Croatia currently takes the lead as the Slavic country with the most Michelin Star graded restaurants. Fortunately for Croats, they can boast with 3 restaurants that have been appointed with one Michelin Star, all of which serve contemporary cuisine.

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360 sits atop the notorious Dubrovnik fortifications and offers splendid seascape views, some of which can even be seen on HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones (the walls of Dubrovnik served as one of its filming locations). Apart from gourmet dishes with rare Wagyu beef and foie gras varieties the restaurant also serves a selection of local Croatian cheeses.

Pelegrini, situated right across the St. James cathedral in Šibenik, is actually owned by a self-taught chef, who has managed to beat all odds in taking over the world of the culinary arts. The restaurant is famed for its authentic ceramic cutlery and utensils, as well as for its unique menu. Guests can enjoy groundbreaking combinations like eel and pumpkin and exquisite dishes inspired by Venetian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and French trends.

The Rovinj-based restaurant Monte achieved a Michelin Star status for its creative (and as described by the Michelin Guide – “occasionally theatrical”) cuisine. One of the many things that make Monte so appealing is the wide variety of gourmet dishes and their eccentric presentation, divided in 3 menus – Red, Green and Blue.

Czech Republic

The Czech capital Prague draws Slav and non-Slav visitors alike for a plethora of reasons and gastronomy is only one of them. Foodies from near and far can rejoice in indulgence as Prague has not one, but two high end restaurants which have been officially granted a 1 Michelin Star status.

La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise is located in one of the city’s historical buildings and prizes its menu on being inspired by 19th century Czech cuisine rather than by a fusion of foreign meals. What’s more, the chefs use only local and seasonal fruits, vegetables and game meat for preparing their worldwide famed recipes.

Field is the more affordable of the two options, at least as affordable as a Michelin Star-rated gourmet restaurant can be. Run by two locals, Field’s seasonal menu often offers specialties like hors d’oeuvres with meat from ostrich and desserts with sea buckthorn berries.


Being one of the EU countries with the most dynamic economies up to date it’s no wonder Poland would be yet another Slavic country with Michelin Star restaurants. As it happens, the capital city Warsaw is home to two joints that have been presented with a Michelin Star for their outstanding flavor-packed meals and Instagrammable presentations – Atelier Amaro and Senses, both of which follow the contemporary movement.

Atelier Amaro is a unique place, which promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle and it was the very first restaurant in Poland to obtain a Michelin Star. The dishes are called “moments” and the menu is inspired by nature’s own biodiversity. Working under the motto “Where nature meets science” the self-taught chef is famous all over Poland as being the head judge of the TV show Top Chef Poland.

Last, but not least, comes Senses – the final Michelin Star restaurant on Slavic territory, which achieved its glamorous status with its contemporary European cuisine inspired by traditional Polish flavors and seasonal ingredients. Two of the factors that differ Senses from other top notch restaurants are the facts that the head chef and the rest of his team work in their own culinary research lab and they have their own venison and pork farm in Poland.

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