Most Expensive Luxurious Russian Cars You Should Check Out

Aren’t you bored of seeing always the mainstream cars on your roads?

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Aren’t you bored of seeing always the mainstream cars on your roads? Don’t you want to be unique while cruising your local roads? Well you can never achieve that with the mainstream brands. So this is why we made this short list for you as it might be worth it to check it out. Some of these cars are really luxurious, sturdy and even pretty looking.

1) SUV from brand “Marussia” $120,000


You always had a thing for jeeps and SUV’s? No problem, this is a SUV that has a 3.5 liter engine and 340 horse power that will get you anywhere you want. Design is definitely different than the ones we see from other European brands and looks more like something that Japanese would make. The price tag was around $120,000 in 2010. and today it is a bit cheaper. Oh yeah, you can’t buy them anymore – the company filed for bankruptcy recently.

2) Car Gaz-13 “Chaika” or “Seagull” $120,000.


The Soviet limo Gaz-13 “Chaika” or “Seagull” is a true legend from Soviet times. This was never a car you could buy, it was only specially-produced and appointed to high-authoritiy Soviets who “contributed” the country with their great patriotic deeds. Only about 3,000 of those cars were produced in USSR. Now it’s for sale for around $120,000.

3) Marussia $180,000.


Another sports car from brand MARUSSIA, the first and fastest car the company has made. It made over 100kmh in just 3.7 seconds. Nice shar design, fast, good engine, all this just for $180,000. But again, the company doesn’t exist anymore.

4) Suv “Medved” exceeding $200,000

4. “Medved” or “The Bear” SUV is something a lot like American military Humvee, just a Russian version. It is actually an amphibious vehicle too, huge massive wheels will get it anywhere you like, even across the deep water. GAZ-66 is its base platform while the engines is from Nissan. Eats tons of gas but can go practically anywhere. The price tag was exceeding $200,000. Basically Lada Niva on steroids.

 5) Russian SUV called “The Tiger” $250,000


Russian SUV called “The Tiger” for just $250,000.  This is mass produced actually, both for civilians that can afford it and for military and police. Civilian version is a bit more comfortable, while the military version is armored and it has a diesel engine of 5.9 liter. Russian celebrities are known to own these, and yeah they are limited quantity.

6) T98 “Combat” $250,000


The massive T98 “Combat” for pricey $250,000 is something Arnold Schwarzenegger would drive in one of his movies. The car sends a statement “I am SUV that is meant for extreme situations”.  It is armored, eats off road and one of the fastest armored SUVs in the world.

7) Amulet car $300,000


It looks retro and some consider it a weird luxurious car, more so because it is covered with Canadian buffalo skin. Inside it is a true art piece and its interiors are covered with expensive fur, while handles and knobs are made for ivory. Only one was made so far, the price tag was almost $300,000.

8) Volga V12 Coupe $600,000


Another modernised limo made on basis of Soviet classics GAZ-21 Volga and BMW-850. Only one was made so far and it took them 17 months to design and build it. Almost everything in this car is  hand work. The price tag for it is over $600,000.

9) Russian car “Russo-Balt” $2,000,000


The most expensive Russian car is “Russo-Balt” brand that actually has its roots to Imperial Russia. They want to revive the brand with this car, it looks retro, has a V12 engine. Price tag of this car is $2,000,000, so indeed only Imperial Russians if any will be able to afford this.

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