Mysterious Symbolism Behind Burial Site of Dolni Vestonice, Czech Republic

One face down, other with hand over her pelvic area and red ochre?

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Moravia, Czech Republic – Every once in a while new archaeological discoveries are revealed and usually it’s common burial mounds that are found. However in Dolni Vestonice there was a different story, or should we say a very mysterious one! In this Moravian excavation site they found three teenagers that are older than Twenty-five thousand years old. Them dating from such ancient times is interesting by itself, but what intrigued archaeologists the most was how their bodies were placed in their burial ground.

One individual was placed with face down while other had his hand over the womans pelvic area, and they were covered in red ochre.

Dolní Vestonice

Dolní Vestonice (pronounced: Dohlnee VEST-oh-neets-eh) was a huge Upper paleolithic area that is very rich in human activities dating 30,000 years. Scientists explore the area to gather information about ancient life, human habits, how they hunted animals, their settlements, their art and technology.

The middle skeleton was a crippled female while on left and right it was two males in their prime years. The mystery was, why was one facing the ground while the other one held it’s hand over her pelvic area? Is this some sort of symbolism through which our ancestors wanted to tell a story about this burial?

Artifacts from Dolní Vestonice

Among found items there were various burial goods found, as it included several stone tools, fix incisors and even a mammoth scapula. All these excavations date from Gravettian occupation and they were named after the excavation trenches that were dug to investigate them.

Burial interpretation

So far scientists and psychologists have made several interpretations of the burial meaning. Two most likely ones are:

Cheating relationship

This burial might have meant to tell a tragic story and a way to their death. Some suggested that man lying with face down might have been a ‘husband’ of the women in middle, and that he was getting cheated on by her wife with the far-left man. Skeleton was, indicating by the position of his hand over women’s pelvic area, in some intimate contact with the woman in middle. It could have meant that husband might have killed them and committed suicide on the very end.

Queen and consorts

Also another high likely theory is that the women was sort of a tribal queen and the two men were her consorts. One on the left might have been also her “medicine man” suggesting he was treating her of some pelvic area disease, and rec ochre (symbolizing blood) could indicate her illness over the area.

What do you think?

What do you think?

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