Nicholas II – The Tsar with the Dragon Tattoo

When you are an emperor and very cool one too

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Russia – It is a pretty unknown fact that once an great emperor of Royal (White) Russia actually had a tattoo? You probably heard of that for the first time right now. Well this is the story, Tsar Nicholas II was actually a great fan of tattoo artwork and he had his piece done during a visit to Japan. Many people doubt this facts but some members of Russian social site pikabu dug out some historical photos where you can see his dragon tattoo. His family really loved to take photos, he was for sure one of the most vivid and cheerful emperors as far as his personal life goes, also this tattoo proves this fact for sure. 

Upon his visit to Nagasaki in 1891. he has seen local tattoo artists displayed in a travel guide magazine. During his stay in a Nagasaki harbor on Russian battleship he asked to be introduced to these artists, so the next they they came and tattooed his right forearm with a black dragon.

As you can see from the displayed photos emperor was very proud of his tattoo, he had an urge to show it all the time! How dope emperor is that huh?

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