Oka & Kondensator – The giant Soviet nuclear artillery tank experiments

Going nuclear the hard-core way

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Russia – back in 1953. the Americans made a first atomic cannon. Naturally during the weapon arms race, soon the Russians decided to make a similar mean machine. In response the Oka 273 and Kondenstaor 271 were made.

They were capable to shoot miniature nuclear warheads artillery projectiles. Russians didn’t have the technology to create mini-nuclear projectiles as Americans did, so they decided for a larger caliber, which in end became a massive beast unprecedented on land.

First one was completed in 1957 and it was presented on a military parade in Moscow that same year. It had over 64 tons and a 20 meters long cannon. You can still see in live how these monsters looked like as they have them preserved in Moscow’s Central Museum of the Armed Forces.

These nuclear artillery vehicles didn’t last long, as both in USA and USSR they were just an idea that was later completely replaced by cheaper aerial transport of nuclear missiles.

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What do you think?

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