Pagan Baseball Bats, The Most Popular Protection Item in Eastern Europe?

When life gives you baseball bats, make portable Pagan mini-shrines


Russia – what if you are a hooligan and traffic police pulls you over, and finds baseball bats in your car? There is a big chance they would take that from you, so what clever idea would you pull off to avoid losing them? Well hooligans started to carve their baseball bats and shape them in Slavic Gods ‘Kumiri’ (God Totems).

This way they have turned their baseball bats in portable Pagan mini-shrines, so if someone would ask them what is that, they would say it is their religious totem and as such they couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be taken away from them, it’s sacred stuff after all. It’s also a tactic they used when crossing over country borders and coming upon border police.

Ancient Slavic Totem guarding drivers against evil people, witchcraft and traffic problems.

Probably the most efficient ‘protection’ totem out there: 

Handmade baseball bats, stylized as abstract slavic God. It’s a powerful magic items. If you use it right – it can protect you from bad persons.

r/occult: The Occult: News for armchair and practicing metaphysical skeptics.

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Genius way to protect yourself right?

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