The Most Beautiful Time-Lapse Video in the World was Made in Slovakia

This is What Happens After you Animate Half Million Photos of Eye Candy

source. youtube screenshot

Slovakia – It’s that beautiful country located in the center of Europe. What makes it really special is the amount of beautiful mountains that it contains. Those are not some harsh landscapes, but in fact as a land it’s very hospitable and just inviting you to get lost in it’s rural beauty.

This is exactly what happened to Matúš Lašan, a young Slovak photographer that took over half million photos. No he is not crazy, that large number of photos is needed to create beautiful time-lapse movies, just like the ones displayed under this text. Considering that Slovakia is underrated when it comes to tourism, this young photographer sure did a good promotion of his country, they should give him a medal for that! More info: Facebook

Most beautiful time-lapse videos from Slovakia:

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What do you think?

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