Poles Are Building The First Pagan Temple After Hundreds of Years

Is this the big return of Slavic paganism in Poland?

Victoria_Borodinova (CC0), Pixabay

Poland – This year, Poles celebrate the 1050th anniversary of Christianization of Poland. But as it seems, a pre-Christian consciousness still lives on. In the city of Wrocław in Poland the pagans or better the rodnovers from Slavic pagan association Watra, will build a temple, which will be located next to the Old Slavic ritual space. At this moment, only a visualization is available, which is based on the architecture of the old Slavic temples from historical sources.

This will not only be a temple but also a center of Slavic culture, which will serve for the education and raising awareness of the culture of Slavic ancestors.

Pagan temples and their construction is not a novelty. Some pagan temples were already built across Europe, such as this one in Russia and Scandinavia.

In the first days after the announcement of the project in middle of November, they already raised 4000 PLN (900 EUR) of the 70.000 PLN (16,000 EUR) needed for this project. You can help with donations on their site: Watra, which is sadly only available in Polish.

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