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Polish man gets drunk of Vodka, dies, ends up in morgue refrigerator, wakes up and goes on a drink to the Pub

Incredible story of a Vodka driven man from Poland

jarmoluk (CC0), Pixabay

Poland – Now this was a real Christmas miracle, a resurrection that happened in the most Catholic country on the world, Poland! One 25 year old young Polish man from Kamienna Góra, the little town located in the south-west of Poland. After drinking to much spirits he was diagnosed with a cardiac arrest and medics have proclaimed him as dead due to alcohol overdose. Paramedics have packed him up for a local morgue and he was placed in a refrigerator.

But that wasn’t his real end, as during the day the hospital guard (as in a horror movie) heard some spooky noises coming out of the morgue freezer doors.

He fearfully opened the door and there was he, the 25 year old Kamil looking at him naked, frozen and with a hangover. He asked the guard for a blanked ~ other media reported.

After a quick medical check-up Kamil was released out of the morgue, and after successful cheating of death he headed up straight back to the pub to make a toast to that. Rather than go home to sleep after the terrifying ordeal, the man went straight back out to re-join his friends at the pub.

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